LSVA – the future

All households are receiving a “flyer” setting out a proposal that LSVA be absorbed within the Parish Council structure. A vote will be taken on this at the AGM on 15 March (7.30 in the Welcome Centre). The Agenda for the AGM is here

15 Mar

please come along to hear more and cast your vote




LSVA and Parish Council reps met with the developers on Tuesday 5 February to seek clarification of the works programme. Here is a copy of the Minutes of that meeting.



This year it’s a joint event with FOLSS and is being held at the school on Friday 14 December from 3 – 6 p.m.



This event is sponsored by your Parish Council



A pedestrian walkway will be installed along either side of the car park to enable parents and their children to enter and exit the car parking area in a more controlled way. White lines will be applied forming a walkway with pedestrian symbols in front of the parking bays, a crossing point will be marked and signed at the entrance of the car park to enable people to cross from one side to the other.

This work will take place tomorrow Friday 23rd Nov (weather permitting).

We would encourage parents to discuss these changes with their children and remind the car park users that this will only be an improvement if vehicles and pedestrians use the car park in a safe and courteous way.

Please do not block the walkways with your vehicles.

Please use the walkways when entering or exiting the car park are on foot.


Your Parish Council is delighted to inform the village that, in preparation for winter conditions, additional grit bins are being delivered next week. We have agreed to share the cost of providing these with JME Civils and JME will also meet the cost of filling them next week. Nine new bins will be delivered, bringing the total in the village to 12 – a huge improvement. The location of the bins has been considered carefully in the light of experience from last year, and is shown in this plan.

The grit is intended for use on the roads, in the most difficult areas, and is NOT for personal use on driveways or footpaths. Please buy your own for that. We would kindly ask you to respect this request, otherwise tfunding to refill them may not be available, meaning they are empty when motorists need them most. Thank you in advance.

(Apologies for the quality of the picture – it is a little better on the Facebook page)


This is the latest information regarding development of the play areas.

SHORT MEADOW (top of Mendip Way)

For younger children – now open

UPPER LONG MEADOW (Corner of Roman Road and Savernake Drive)

For children of all ages – now open

LOWER LONG MEADOW (bottom end of Roman Road just along from the shop)

For children of all ages – opening next year


Multi Use Games Area for older children and adults – date to be confirmed

TOP MEADOW (top of Clarendon Close and Arden Close)

Community gym equipment for older children and adults – opening next year

18 October 2018


READY NOW (Short Meadow)

READY SOON  (Long Meadow)


The bridge crossings over the central drainage ditch on long Meadow have been installed this week, we hope to be able to open all 3 crossings by the end of the week.

I would like to take this opportunity to ask parents across the development to remind their children
that the bridges are to be walked across, under no circumstances should the railings be climbed on
or over. One of the crossings was opened this afternoon and children have been reported to have
been climbing along the outside of the railings and underneath the bridge itself.

We trust that you can help get this important message across.